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At Skagen Art & Craft we make a range of fine handbags and handmade items. All are unique works of art, and all are inspired by the natural beauty of Skagen, the northernmost tip of Denmark. Our aim is to create comfortable, simple, useful and yet elegant styles inspired by the nature we live with and love. Sustainability concerns all aspects of life, and building a sustainable daily life and home as our personal contribution is taking small but important steps towards protecting our most valuable heritage.

On the following pages is or collection of fine handbags and Cuddles. Take your time to learn about us, about our values and our hand made art and craft products. We hope you like our site: please do feel free to contact us at any time, we would love to hear from you.

Welcome to the World of Skagen


At the northernmost tip of Denmark, Skagen is a world of natural beauty surrounded by the ocean: the North Sea to the west (in Danish called the West Sea), Skagerak to the North and Kattegat to the east. 

Life on this wild northern peninsula is still framed by the same natural environment as when intrepid Norsemen built their longboats and sailed west into the unknown, discovering Iceland, Greenland and North America hundreds of years before Columbus.

In more recent centuries, Skagen's position on the trade routes made its shifting sand banks a treacherous point for ships to navigate. Each local fishing community had its lifeboats, whose oarsmen braved raging storms to rescue shipwrecked sailors.

In the nineteenth century, Skagen became known for its painters. The unique light from the oceans attracted famous painters from all over Europe, who produced works of art now known around the world. 

This raw Skagen nature with its wild oceans and iridescent light forms the backdrop of our lives, with its ever-changing light, wind, seasons and weather. The materials and colours of the Skagen collection are chosen to capture the beauty of the land and seascape around us. The colours Sea, Sky, Sun, Snow, Wind, Storm, Thunder, Autumn and Heather are reflected in the shades of our yarns, resembling Skagen's purity and natural environment.

The materials are the highest natural quality in wool, alpaca, mohair, silk, linen and cotton, all from sustainable sources. The designs of our handbags are pure utility, like the fishing and lifeboats that for centuries have set out on the wild waves from Skagen.