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Skagen Art &Craft

Skagen Art &Craft

Skagen Art &Craft

Skagen Art & Craft is inspired by the natural beauty of Skagen, the most northerly point of Denmark. Here, the North Sea meets the Baltic, creating a scenery of unique lights and colours that has inspired artists for centuries and shaped the people living here.

Walking along Skagen's endless beaches by the wild North Sea, with the ever-present wind in your hair, you feel nature impose a certain humility on human ambition. Feeling the lyme grass caress your fingertips and tasting the sea-salt on your lips, nature becomes a subtle reminder of the true meaning of life. To balance the strong with the fragile. To be grateful for the daily beauty of life.

The Skagen Art & Craft collection is a celebration of nature’s finest, purest, softest materials. Wool, alpaca cashmere, mohair, silk, linen, cotton, bamboo – all in colours that reflect the wild natural environment of Skagen: sea, sky, storm, thunder and the gentle sun. 

Skagen has for centuries attracted painters, writers and other artists due to its unique light, sea and nature. We are proud to follow in their footsteps.



Skagen Art &Craft

Skagen Art &Craft

Anitta Underlin lives and works in Skagen. As a young girl, she designed, sewed and knitted clothes for herself, her family and her customers. Bit by bit this turned into a business and she joined a collective shop making her own successful designs. 

Later she extended her artistic textile knowledge to weaving and designed her own patterns. Anitta opened her own design shop in Copenhagen before joining the world of international humanitarian aid, working in Africa, Asia and Europe for nearly 30 years before returning to her native Denmark and founding the creative company Skagen Art & Craft . 

Anitta's creativity is rooted in a persistent reminder to ourselves and each other that life consists of precious and unique moments that we create together with others and weave into the textile of our life. 

Her craft builds on women's traditional skills and knowledge used in new and innovative ways, presenting a distinct combination of knitting, embroidery and sewing in transcendent designs.

Anitta lives today in Skagen and in Aalborg with her family.